Getting in Stores

We get asked everyday by our fans why we are not in stores nationwide yet. We decided to explain why.  The fastest answer is shelf space.  All of the convenient stores have a limited amount of shelf space for drinks. All drinks. Sodas, juices, milk and yes, Energy Drinks.  Stores must use their limited shelf space to make as much money as possible. So, of course, the big 3 Energy Drink companies get the vast majority of the allotted shelf space.  That leaves everyone else to fight for the other 10% – 15% of the shelf space which is usually at the bottom.  The major soft drink companies also have their brands that go in this space. Even though Boo Koo was extremely popular in 2008, we are not as well-known today.  We are working to change that.  At last count there were over 60 energy drinks that were recognized and roughly 100 more that are under the radar as far as sales. Many stores are very reluctant to carry a new product without very solid sales data to minimize their risk.  We are lucky as we have a very good name that is recognized, so we are getting in stores.  However, we do not have a recent sales history that the big chain stores are looking for.  So, how do we attack this problem?  Most good Energy Drinks are priced between $2.09 and $2.79 per can. They also offer 2 for $4.00.  So, if the convenience stores need sales data, we will give it to them, but we need your help. Our price is $2.12 per can delivered to your door if you are in the USA.  If you go to a local store, you may have taxes + deposit etc. (not to mention your time and the gas needed to get to the store) which even at 2 for $4.00 could make it more expensive per can than Boo Koo.  In order to offer this price we have to ship in boxes of 16 cans.  Our first goal was to get Boo Koo back in the hands of our fans anyway possible at a fair price.  Next, is to get it in more and more stores to make it convenient for you to buy only a few at a time.  So, if our fans will help us out by buying a box or two and understanding that even though it is a bigger one-time expense, it is probably cheaper in the long run.  We also want you to share with your friends that Boo Koo is back.  We are running an aggressive online advertising campaign to let as many people know as possible, but it helps if all of our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram fans help out.  As most of you know, it only takes one post to go viral and ½ of the United States will know we are back. Our commitment to you is that we will continue to offer Boo Koo and bring the flavors back as soon as we can.  Citrus is next and we are well on our way to having the sales needed to do that.  There is no set time for the return, but everything is based on sales.  Thanks to all the fans that have bought a box or more and we hope you are enjoying the Big Flavor and Big Energy.  Keep spreading the word and the stores will come to us asking if they can carry Boo Koo and it will all be because of our fans.

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