Boo Koo Energy Drink Memorial Day Sale

Why the Memorial Day sale?  Simple.  Our fans have waited for 8 years to get Boo Koo back in their hands.  You have been loyal and when we started this journey a few years ago, we said we would be honest with you and if we said something was going to happen, it would happen.  We started bringing the drinks back just like we promised, however we knew that getting them back in stores was going to a long journey.  We were faced with a few choices.

1.  Only sell Boo Koo in stores and let the fans wait until is was back in stores near them,
2.  Offer Boo Koo online at a great price so they can enjoy the drinks until it gets into stores near them.

We chose to offer them online as well as in stores.  No other energy drink company that we know of offers this price online.  Of course we want to generate more sales, every company wants more sales.  However, what we also want is for any every fan to have the ability to buy this great tasting energy drink again,  (We want our Canadian fans to have the ability to buy it as well, but for now, honestly, it is out of our control.  We will let those fans know as soon as it can be sold there again.)
So enjoy the sale and do yourself and your friends a favor.  Buy a box and share!
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