Oceanside Energy Beverages

Our Company

Don't you just hate it when something great just disappears? When it happened to Boo Koo, some of the best tasting energy drinks ever, we called BS and decided to do something about it. Four years and countless miles of red tape later, in December 2013, we were successful!

With our beloved brand finally back in the hands of the good guys, we want to give it the proper treatment. We will restore the availability of Boo Koo for all of you old die-hards that have shared in our pain, and for you that didn’t even know what you were missing.

Our Products

What makes most energy drink companies think that artificially formulated image and attitude is a substitute for actually delivering the goods?

A can full of hype wont give you the punch you need ... no matter how many tattoos, horns or whatever else is on the label. We've begun building a solid foundation to assure these exceptional beverages don't disappear on us again.

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